The Yoga Institute Offers Live Online Classes

Yoga When You Need it Most

The Yoga Institute of Broward offers 7 classes a week, delivered virtually via Zoom.

Live online classes are offered in real time with you, the teacher and other students connecting virtually through video conferencing software. You will be able to see and interact with me. I am committed to being there for you.

Online Class Descriptions

Classes are open to students of all levels. The one hour classes focus on basic postures and are appropriate for beginner students. 90 minute classes are for all levels and may include inversions and backbends. Poses may be modified and stages given for various levels of experience.

Streaming classes are best experienced using props (or their equivalents) that can provide support, such as blankets, blocks, belts, bolsters and a backless chair. If you do not have these at home, many common items you do have can suffice, such as: firm pillows, couch pillows, thick bath towels, a low stool and more. Most props are available for purchase at the studio.

Registering for Classes

Please register as far in advance of your class as you are able. Registration links for our upcoming classes can be found on our Class Schedule page. When you register for a class you'll receive a unique link for you to attend the class. The first time you register for a class we recommend that you click the "Join" link immediately, even though it may not be time for the class to start. This will guide you through the setup process so you can make sure that the Zoom app is installed on your device and that you'll be ready to join when time for the class arrives. After you've registered for a class, you'll receive an email with your unique personalized link to join the class. We recommend that you join at least 15 minutes before the class begins so that you can resolve any setup issues before the class begins, and we can start on time.

For the best experience, you will want to use a device that has a large screen and speakers, so that you can easily see and hear me.

You will be automatically muted during the session unless the teacher opens up a conversation. This is to help with sound quality. If you would like me to see you and your practice you may leave your video camera on. If you would like to practice privately you may turn your video camera off.

Preparing for your Online Class

•    Clear a space and have your mat and props close. Use your imagination to find a chair or belt tie if you do not have a yoga chair or strap.
•    Let your family or roommates know you will be in session to prevent them from disturbing you, OR invite them to join you!
•    Turn off all notifications and any devices you won’t use to view the class.
•    15 minutes before class you should join using the unique link you received when you registered.
•    View the class in full screen mode to get the best out of the class.

Giving Feedback- Please email me to tell us about your experiences and how we can improve them. Email me at [email protected]