Ruth brings her experience and wisdom into every class to the great fortune of her students. She provides multiple perspectives and fresh ideas that always leave you wanting more of every pose! Ruth is well versed in the Iyengar style of asana, pranayama and has a special knowledge of the yoga sutras. Her classes have brought my personal practice to a whole new level.

Lesley J.

Hollywood, FL

I wanted to share an experience I had on Tuesday night's class..When we did savasana, when you said to begin the inhale and end the exhale from your heart region, I was in a deep state of meditation and I was visualizing my heart pumping into a wide open universe...every time I inhaled and exhaled my heart vibrated through the whole universe..It was very exhilarating, and felt real!
I don't know if it was the sequence or if it was my state of being...Either way, thanks for the ride!

Roberto P.

Hollywood, FL

Thanks Ruth Ann,
I was just sharing with a friend today that reading that article made me so grateful to have a safe environment to practice all the asanas and pranayama. Your guidance has allowed me to study proper alignment, use appropriate props, and respect my body and it's "limitations". I am so grateful to you!
Be Well,

Pamm L.

Davie, FL

Thank you for all your wonderful classes and wise insight. My 2011 resolution was to find a yoga studio where I feel confortable and the universe led me to your door. I am so lucky!

Lesley J.

Hollywood, Fl

Thanks to your yoga classes I picked up my violin again after more than 15 years!!!! THAT'S HUGE ! Yesterday after I came home from Yoga, I opened the case and started playing!! It felt amazing, I had the patience to tune it because it wasn't played for so long. Now my daughter is happy that we can play a duet! I have known my husband for 15 years and he has never heard me playing my violin. HE WAS AMAZED. We had a wonderful day yesterday!
Thank you Ruth for helping me finding myself again!

L. Talpos

Plantation, FL.