Your teaching, its clarity and expertness, is a pleasure to experience and has helped me to keep in shape. Thank you,

Warren W.

Deerfield Beach, FL.

Ruth Ann,
Once again it is Tuesday and I'm on my way out the door to do something other than what I truly want to do; come to your class. Sure I get up and do poses for whatever body part is ailing me at the time. But the words of encouragement you provide at the beginning, middle and end of our 90-minutes together is truly what is missing in my life. Every time I'm there you seem to say something that hits hard at my core. For that I am truly grateful.

Terry B

Fort Lauderdale

Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher. I see such a transformation in myself and I am grateful to have your guidance. So happy I found you Ruth :)

Tina R

Davie, FL.

I feel so amazing today. I always feel good after class--guess it's that expanding of the the "eyebrows"
Thank you!

Sara V.

Cooper City, FL

Today was wonderful, truly! I am greatly looking forward to the next class

Michelle E.

Plantation FL