Corpse Pose
  • Relax completely and exhale slowly. If the mind wanders, pause without strain after each soft slow exhalation.

Geeta expresses the importance of these asanas in the following words:

“The asanas belonging to these groups will take care of general health such as postural and functional correction of the body. They will take care of circulation, digestion, excretion and to keep hormonal balance. Just as we take a bath everyday, we eat food, drink water and sleep at night, similarly we have to practice these asanas every day. We have to make it a habit to see that in our practice program, even if nothing else is done, headstand, shoulder-stand and variation are always done."

Guruji characterized the inverted asana as follows:

“One cannot do Sirsasana without using the head and one cannot do Setu Bandha Sarvangasana without using the heart. Each asana has its own characteristic and as such we have to observe and study from where the source of action takes place… In Setu Bandha Sarvangasana and Halasana the brain remains silent but the seat of the heart remains attentive, while in Sirsasana the brain is attentive while the seat of the heart remains pensive.”