Yoga for Beginners

“Yoga is the golden key which unlocks the door to peace, tranquility, and joy.”
-BKS Iyengar

The Yoga Institute of Broward is a great place to start learning and practicing yoga in a safe and friendly environment. Classes are ongoing and you may drop in or enroll at anytime. Most classes build upon work done in previous weeks and students will achieve best results if classes are attended regularly. All of the necessary equipment you will need is available in our studio, but you are encouraged to bring your own sticky mat. Level I Beginner Classes introduce the fundamentals of alignment, principles of movement, tools for concentration and the essentials of relaxation. The Gentle Yoga class is also available for those students who require a less strenuous class.

Our Students

You do not have to be flexible, young or “in shape” to begin yoga. Yoga can be done by flexible or stiff people, strong or weak, elderly or young, and also by some people with disabilities. Yoga poses (asanas) are a unique form of exercise that benefits everyone and every “body”. They build strength where strength is needed and flexibility where flexibility is needed as well as release unwanted tension.

What to wear

You are welcome to change clothes at the studio if you arrive in street clothes. Wear clothing you can move in easily, but please, nothing too baggy or too long that would obscure the alignment of your joints, especially knees and ankles. Most students wear shorts or footless tights and a t-shirt. Yoga is done with bare feet.

Class Etiquette

Please refrain from wearing perfume or strong body lotions. We appreciate odorless bodies and clean feet. Please turn off cell phones prior to class.


You will be most comfortable and benefit more from class if you do not eat anything heavy for at least two hours before class.

Special Needs

Please inform your instructor before class if you have an injury or health condition. Ruth Ann has experience in working with students with special needs such as people with orthopedic problems, pregnant women, older people, etc. If you have been inactive for a long period of time or have a more serious medical concern, consider signing up for the Gentle Class or a private session.

Be on time

It is best to allow yourself enough time to arrive and prepare for class so you don’t feel rushed. Classes are carefully sequenced and begin with a warm up, both physical and informational which prepares you for what follows.