New Student Information

New students are always welcome at the Yoga Institute of Broward. We recommend that you start with our 3-week Introduction to Yoga. As a new student you may have some uncertainties as to what to expect. We do all we can to make you feel welcome and at ease. No matter what your starting point we have classes where you'll fit in.

Your first step, if you haven't already done so, is to complete our online New Student Registration form. This gives us the information we need to best serve your needs and to help you reach your goals.

Our class description page will help you choose the best class for you. Class levels are structured to reflect a progression based on experience, depth of understanding and skill level. If you're uncertain about which level is appropriate for you we're happy to discuss it with you.

Purchasing Classes

We have several affordable options for purchasing yoga classes. Find the option that best fits your needs on our Purchase Classes page.

What to Wear

Wear clothing you can move in easily, but please, nothing too baggy or too long that would obscure the alignment of your joints, especially knees and ankles. Most students wear shorts and a t-shirt. You are welcome to change clothes at the studio if you arrive in street clothes.

Class Etiquette

Please refrain from wearing perfume or strong scents. Please make sure to silence your cell phone.


You will be most comfortable and benefit more from class if you do not eat anything heavy for at least two hours before class. If you do need to eat a snack before class, try something light. Come to class well hydrated.


Students are encouraged to attend classes at least once or twice a week. If you have injuries or illnesses, are menstruating or pregnant, please let the teacher know before class so she or he can help you.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.