Plow pose
  • Establish your foundation for Salamba Sarvangasana and use a belt for elbows. Take the legs back to Halasana.
  • Lift the hips up vertically and move the thighbones into the pelvis as you move the buttocks toward the heels. Lift the front thighs and keep the back of the knees open. Maintain the lift in the sides of the chest from armpits to outer hips.
  • Lift thighs from front to back and maintain the height of the sides of the chest to hips.
  • Interlace hands as in Baddangullyasana. Turn thumb side of hands down and extend arms back and keep back thick ribs in and up. This is the position of arms in Sarvangasana II.
  • Change interlace of fingers and repeat.
  • Replace hands on back and return to Halasana.