Ekapada Sirsasana

One Footed Headstand Pose
  • Without disturbing your Sirsasana base, keep the left leg extending up and do not let it turn out.
  • Lower the right leg until it is parallel to the floor. Stretch the leg forward and extend the heel and keep the femur bone back in the hip socket.
  • Extend the inner right leg from the groin to the inner heel and open the sole of the foot.
  • While maintaining these actions keep both buttocks at the same height and level.
  • When moving the leg down further, stretch the leg to the heel, and at the same time keep the foot close to the body. The femur bone should be moving toward the hip socket.
  • Return to Sirsasana and repeat on the other side.
  • After coming down from Sirsasana rest in Adho Mukha Virasana.