Our Classes

Yoga is a continual process of learning and growth. Our program is structured to reflect a progression based on experience, depth of understanding and skill level.

Weekly classes teach an orderly, systematic progression of poses to develop each student’s level of ability within a class and from one class to the next. Consistent attendance reinforces learning.

Created specifically for students who are new to yoga, as well as those who have stopped practicing yoga and would like to re-start. While this course focuses on basic poses and movements, it is an active, methodical and progressive introduction to yoga. It is not for students with serious physical limitations. Upon completion, students will be able to continue their learning in the one hour Level I - Basics classes.

Level I - Basics classes are for beginning students and students new to the Yoga Institute. You will learn our approach to the fundamentals of body alignment through basic yoga poses that increase strength, flexibility and balance.

Level II - General classes are for experienced students developing a regular practice of yoga. The basic poses will be refined and intermediate poses introduced. Inversions, or an appropriate substitution, are a regular part of these classes. These classes are 90 minutes long.

Level III – Intermediate classes are for serious students of yoga who have had at least one year of steady Iyengar yoga practice (or by permission of the instructor). All poses learned so far will be done with more refinement and more advanced asanas will be introduced. Students should be able to hold shoulderstand and headstand for 5 minutes as variations of these poses will be practiced. If you are interested in going deeper in your practice, then this class is for you.

Gentle Yoga classes are for students who want a slower paced, less rigorous class. Focus is on increasing mobility and flexibility while enhancing physical and mental vitality. Ideal for seniors or anyone with injuries, physical challenges or special needs.

Restorative / Pranayama classes are offered once a month on the last Thursday of every month. Regular students welcome this deeply relaxing and rejuvenating practice where poses are completely supported by props, such as bolsters and blankets and wall ropes. The poses are held for periods of time encouraging holding patterns of stress and tension to gradually dissolve. Basic pranayama is introduced.

Private yoga appointments are offered for those who are dealing with therapeutic needs or a physical challenge that cannot be addressed in a group class and those who wish to have a more personalized experience. These one on one sessions are recommended for those who have chronic conditions, injuries or limitations that need particular attention. These sessions can be used to assess placement in a regular class or may be used on an ongoing basis. Some students supplement their group classes with weekly, monthly or quarterly private session to delve deeper into their practice and explore their current needs and goals. While some students attend private instruction sessions due to variable work schedules that do not allow regular attendance in a weekly group class. Ongoing private sessions are designed to help the student achieve his/her goals and require the student’s dedication to home practice. Each session is one hour long and by appointment.