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Sutra Study Recap July 18

It was so nice to see some friendly faces via zoom for our Yoga Sutra discussion group. For some this was a review and for others this was the first time looking at this ancient text. I look forward to developing the conversation with the richness that lies ahead as we continue and meet again this Saturday. The yoga sutras are said to be one of the most  profound and enlightening studies of human nature and the search for spiritual liberation. I hope these group discussions will bring a depth to your yoga study and your life on and off the mat. Thank you all for coming!


Anniversary is the date in which an event took place in a previous year. This could be a good event such as a wedding anniversary, a promotion, new house or anything with a reason for celebration.  It can also be an event such as the beginning of a war or a traumatic accident or a loss or death.  And still, an anniversary marks the date of an event whether good or bad. 


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