Your Body, Your Vehicle

I have heard it said that most people take better care of their vehicles than they do their bodies. 

In the yogic philosophy the body is the vehicle for the soul. This body that you have been given for this lifetime is your ride through this life. 

Asana is our way into the physical body for that scheduled maintenance. Yogic postures are a way to keep the joints lubricated for mobility and maintain a foundation of strength that carries us through all the stages of life. We learn how to focus and quiet our minds. 

Practice and Detachment

"The mind is restless, unsteady, turbulent, wild, stubborn; truly, it seems to me as hard to master as the wind." Arjuna says to Krishna. Krishna replies, "You are right, Arjuna, the mind is restless and hard to master; but by constant practice and detachment it can be mastered in the end. Yoga is indeed hard for those who lack self-restraint: but if you keep striving earnesly, in the right way, you can reach it. ---- Bhagavad Gita


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