Yogic Investment

There is no doubt that learning yoga, or anything new for that matter, requires a sense of commitment. Even if you were to decide to learn how to play the piano, you would choose a teacher and commit to lessons and expect to spend time practicing if you want to learn the subject. Why should learning the vast subject of yoga be any different?

Somehow the word commitment for most people these days takes on a negative connotation. Many people are so busy with family and work commitments that they cringe at the thought of adding yet another commitment to their already hectic schedules. I am committed to my yoga practice. I have disciplined myself to practice daily because I know the many benefits of having a consistent yoga practice. It is important for me physically and mentally to make that commitment.

But what is more important to me is not so much the commitment I make but the investment that I am making. No matter how much yoga we do, still unexpected circumstances happen in our lives. Illness, death, accidents, losses of all kinds..... all the life changing events that take place in our lives and the lives of those we love. It is during those challenging times that I am fortunate to have made the investment in myself. Because I am committed to a consistent yoga practice I am covered physically and mentally to face those challenges with as much equanimity as possible.

It is when bad things happen when most people realize how much their yoga practice has helped to carry them through. It is when we realize just how important that yoga practice is.

Make that investment in yourself. Take time out everyday to get quiet whether you are practicing asana or pranayama or sitting in meditation. Do that for yourself because you never know when that investment is going to pay off.