Anniversary is the date in which an event took place in a previous year. This could be a good event such as a wedding anniversary, a promotion, new house or anything with a reason for celebration.  It can also be an event such as the beginning of a war or a traumatic accident or a loss or death.  And still, an anniversary marks the date of an event whether good or bad. 

Each year when the month of June approaches I have feelings of melancholy even teary for no apparent reason until I realize it is approaching the anniversary of my horse racing accident. This was the way an anniversary affected me each year and still does to some extent.

But now every year since 2013, when January 18 approaches I experience feelings of elation and pure joy. This was due to the Total Ankle Replacement that repaired the damage from that fateful day on June 6, 1985. 

I am so grateful for the advances of modern medicine that made an ankle replacement possible. I am especially grateful for the ancient art and science of yoga that has kept me healthy in body, mind and spirit between the two anniversaries that mark these events of my life.