It’s easy to begin practicing yoga at the Yoga Institute studio in Cooper City. Our yoga classes introduce the principles of alignment and movement, tools for concentration and the essentials of relaxation.
Iyengar yoga is an orderly and progressive method with an emphasis on precision. It helps build strength and stamina, increase flexibility, and reduce the effects of stress. It improves balance, circulation, concentration and the ability to relax.
At the Yoga Institute we offer a variety of classes to accommodate students of all ages, levels of experience and abilities. Join us for weekly yoga classes at our beautiful well-equipped studio.

Yoga can provide each of us with the skills to improve health, cultivate serenity, and expand awareness. My desire is to make yoga accessible to everyone. My purpose is to offer this invaluable tool by providing uncompromising, quality yoga instruction based on the teachings of BKS Iyengar.


Ruth Ann

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